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Our Quarry is located in Mavoloni, Machackos County.

Here, it lies below the Mavoloni hills, which are elongated on the North West to the southeast axis, which is approximately three kilometers long and rises to an altitude of 1480 meters with a lower base level at 1300 meters. At the base of these majestic hills lies our quarry. The Mavoloni Hills are made up mostly of steeply inclined rocky terrain with extensive giant tors, boulders and outcrops. While this makes mining more complicated, it also provides an endless supply of quality Granite & varying colors.

Granite Uses

Granite countertops are popular for many reasons. Granite is strong and elegant for one.

Bath vanity tops benefit from granite’s resistance to water and mold, and the fact that it is so easy to clean.

This is a unique way to incorporate granite in your house.

Well-crafted granite fireplace mantles make an attractive living room centerpiece

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